KoreaTown By Deuki Hong and Matt Rodbard

Focusing on Korean American food as it’s seen throughout the US, KoreaTown takes you on a tour of small communities and late night venues to highlight their quirks and more importantly, their amazing food.  Along with Korean American recipes, the book focuses around interviews to give a face to both patrons and perveyors of Korean food in America.

Koreatown starts with a brief guide to ingredients specific to Korean cooking including: Perilla, Murin, Sake, Jeon Mix, Makgeolli, sesame oil and many others.  Likely a few ingredients you’ve heard of,  but many that I’d never experienced.

The book is broken up into 9 chapters, and includes over 100 recipes, including:

Kimchi & Banchan- 35 pages of fermented awesomeness and tasty starters & sides such as kimchi pancakes, spicy marinated crabs, bubbling eggs, soy braised tofu and crunchy sesame bean sprouts.

Rice, Noodles and Dumplings- 38 pages including spicy seafood noodle soup, butter dumplings and aged kimchi dumplings.

Barbecue: Grilled, Smoked and Fried- 24 pages including Marindated short ribs, soy marinated grilled rib eye, and stir fried pork belly.

Drinking Food: Pojangmacha – 34 pages including Whole roast chicken, spicy-sweet shreaded squid and soy marinated beef tartare.

Soups, Stews and Braises- 32 pages including Kimchi Stew, Soft tofu stew and beef bone noodle soup.

Respect: Guest Recipes- 36 pages including Coca Cola and Gochujang Marinated chicken thighs, Doenjang Braised pork belly with Ddeokbokki, and Crispy Tofu sandwiches with muchim pickles and grape jelly doenjang dressing.

Drinks-18 pages including Yogurt Soju, Jameson and Ginger, and Seoul Train.

Sweets and Dessert-14 pages including Toasted rice ice cream, sweet fried pancakes and kimchi white chocolate snickerdoodles.

I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest unbiased review.

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