DonabeWhile technically a cook book, “Donabe, Classic and Modern Japanese Clay Pot Cooking” is in truth more of a history book that explores the rich tradition and craftsmanship behind a the Donabe, or Japaneese clay cooking pot.

The book takes you through the many different types of Donabe, from classic, to steamer types through modern Tagine style clay pots and the cooking nuances relevant to each type.

I really appreciate that the authors also take time to tell you how to recreate the cooking experience at home if you do not have either a Donabe or the specific style of Donabe they are using to create an effect in a particular recipe.

The recipes include simple dishes like Azuki Sticky Rice and Crab Dashi, as well as complex and layered one pot dishes such as Braised Shio-Koji Beef Brisket with Sunchokes, Radishes, Cellery and Coffee.  Just about every recipe comes with a mouth watering photo, that captivates more than just your sense of taste.

Beautifully put together and well written, I’m loving this book for both the history and reciepes.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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