Canned Applesauce with Summer Apples

Our Yellow Transparent apple tree produces about 2 bushels of apples in Mid-July and Early August, right in the middle of our busiest time of year.   Summer bearing apples don’t store for more than a week, and are only middling for fresh eating., but they’re perfect for applesauce.  Their soft crumbly texture means they break down quickly into a smooth creamy applesauce.

The trick is, how do you can 2 bushels of apples when you have about a thousand other summer projects?

Food Strainer Applesauce

The answer… a food strainer.

Chopping: 15 minutes
Cooking: 45-60 minutes
Straining: 15-20 minutes
Canning: 45-55 minutes
Total Time: 2 to 2.5 hours
Quick and Easy Strained Applesauce

25-30 lbs Apples (5 gallons chopped)
2-4 Quarts Water or Apple Juice
1-3 C Sugar (optional)
2-3 t Ground Ginger (optional)
2-3 t Ground Cinnamon (optional)
1-2 T Molasses (optional)


Coarsely chop the apples in half or quarters.  Bring them to a boil in a large stock pot with 2-4 quarts water or apple juice.  Once boiling, turn down to low and cook for 30-45 minutes until the apples disintegrate.  Process immediately (or allow to cool) with through a KitchenAid Food Strainer or Chinois Sieve.  Bring applesauce back up to a boil and can in a water bath canner.  Process 15 minutes with 1/2 inch head space for pints under 1000 feet.  Remember to adjust cook time for altitude.

Strained Applesauce

Looking for other ways to strain?
Free Range Life has instructions using a hand crank strainer here

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